At G.R.E. O&P, the key word is "specialist".

Accelerated research and development is responsible for hundreds of different prosthetic and orthotic components. It is our practitioner's job to stay current with the distinguishing aspects of each. As a vital member of the allied health care team, our practitioners perform a valuable service to patients, physicians, and ancillary care providers throughout the rehabilitation process.

What are Certified Orthotists and Certified Prothetists?

The Certified Orthotist is a licensed professional who evaluates, designs, and fits braces for those needing protective support or correction due to muscle/bone impairment, disease or deformity. Our orthotists work to restore mobility and to prevent or limit disability.

The Certified Prosthetist is a licensed professional who evaluates, designs, and fits artificial limbs. Our prosthetists work very closely with patients who have amputations due to accidents, congenital birth problems or disabling diseases.


The G.R.E. Team

Qualified laboratory technicians work with the orthotist/prosthetist in the fabrication of the devices. When the custom design is complete, the practitioner gives instruction on its use and care.

Most devices are covered by major medical insurance plans. G.R.E. O&P participates in numerous insurance networks. Check with our staff for verification of insurance benefits.

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