Bracing at G.R.E.

G.R.E. O&P fits patients for bracing in order to provide support for various body parts from head to toe. At all offices, G.R.E. O&P maintains stock sizes of supports that are off-the-shelf. In addition, G.R.E. O&P clinicians and technicians custom make braces to fit complex anatomy as well as solving specific goals. Different types of bracing can include:

Myoelectric Limb Orthosis

The MyoPro™ Is a portable, lightweight functional arm brace that restores movement to a weakened arm as a result of neuromuscular damage. The product incorporates a platform technology of non-invasive myoelectric sensing in a customized, wearable brace that enables a person to initiate and control their own arm motion.

The custom arm brace does not use electrical stimulation but relies on the user’s own muscle signal to move their arm. The MyoPro can be used as an assistive Orthosis for performing daily living activities in the home and facilitating functional repetitive task practice.

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