Bracing Pedorthics

G.R.E. fits all foot and ankle devices

G.R.E. O&P technicians fabricate all types of foot and ankle devices. In most cases, G.R.E. O&P practitioners will fit, based on the doctor’s prescription, an orthotic designed to meets the needs of the individual diagnoses. What sets G.R.E. O&P’s foot and ankle devices above most standard devices is that they are built in-house by G.R.E. O&P staff, compared to most facilities that “mail-order” their devices to independent labs. Turn around time is approximately 1 to 2 weeks.

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Bracing - Lower Extremity

G.R.E. O&P fits and fabricates all types of AFO’s, KAFO’s, and SMO’s. The custom braces are fabricated from high tech materials including carbon, plastic, and titanium. When needed, G.R.E. O&P technicians can also fabricate older style devices from leather and other soft goods too.

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