Bracing Upper Extremity

G.R.E. Provides Upper Extremity Bracing and Splints

G.R.E. O&P practitioners work with physicians and therapists to provide upper extremity bracing and splints. G.R.E. O&P offices stock most sizes of off-the-shelf hand, elbow, and shoulder braces, and we can order unique products too. In many cases, G.R.E. O&P custom fabricates upper extremity braces to meet the specific needs of each patient.

stroke hand brace

Off-The-Shelf Thumb Splint

shoulder brace

Custom Shoulder Brace

elbow orthosis

Off-The-Shelf Elbow Brace

Myoelectric Limb Orthosis

The MyoPro™ Is a portable, lightweight functional arm brace that restores movement to a weakened arm as a result of neuromuscular damage. The product incorporates a platform technology of non-invasive myoelectric sensing in a customized, wearable brace that enables a person to initiate and control their own arm motion.

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myopro functional arm orthosis

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