Real people. Real Stories.

These videos below show, first hand, how our technology empowers our patients to perform functional activities at home, at work, and in the community, resulting in an improved quality of life.


Vince Q.

Vince demonstrates how he uses his MyoPro Motion G to assist with activities of daily living following a stroke.

Lucinda M.

Lucinda discusses how she uses her MyoPro Motion G to perform everyday tasks following a stroke.

Chuck unfortunatly lost his leg below the knee. Wth his new leg from G.R.E. Orthotics and Prosthetics, he is able to do all of the activities he once did, and is able to maintain an active lifestyle.

This patient unfortunately lost his lower leg in a terrible motorcycle accident. He was fit with a new prosthetic limb and is now able to live his life as he once did, including riding and working on motorcycles.

Deb has a MS brace, ultralite KAFO fit at GRE prosthetics Orthitics.

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