Prosthetics Lower Extremity

Custom Made Below Knee and Above Knee Prostheses

G.R.E. O&P fabricates custom made below knee and above knee prostheses. In general, the prostheses consists of three parts:

1. Prosthetic Foot: Prosthetic feet are designed to be the same size as your amputated foot. There are hundreds of different types of prosthetic feet that are commonly available. They all function differently, and your prosthetist will help determine the best foot to help meet your goals.

2. Prosthetic Socket: The socket is the part of the prostheses that your remaining limb fits inside. The socket is made as a one-of-a-kind interface to provide stability, comfort, and function for the prostheses. At G.R.E. O&P, most of the sockets are made with carbon, plastic, and other high tech materials such as Kevlar and Graphite.

3. Prosthetic Componentry: The parts that connect the socket to the foot are referred to as the componentry. This includes modular adapters, ankles, knees, and other moving parts that simulate the movements that our body performs when walking, running, or other dynamic activities. All the prosthetic components are selected after careful determination of the best possible outcome in order for the device to meet one’s goals.

lower limb prosthetics

For socket fabrication, G.R.E. O&P uses the most modern technology 

lower limb prosthesis

Omega Scanner to digitize the shape of the remaining limb.

Special Design and Artwork

Some of our patients have even asked us to include a special design or tattoo on their prosthetic limb. Artwork or pictures can be laminated into the socket as another way of customizing the "look" of your prosthesis. The following prosthetic technology is commonly used at G.R.E:

prosthetics engineering

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