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Leaders in Fitting the Most State of the Art Myoelectric Arms and Hands

G.R.E. O&P is a leader in fitting the most state-of-the-art myoelectric arms and hands. In most cases, electrodes are placed inside the prosthetic socket. When the muscle inside the socket moves, the electrodes detect the myoelectric activity. Miniature computers and motors filter the body’s signal, and the prosthetic hand, elbow, and wrist move to match the signal that the wearer intends the device to perform.

i-limb pulse
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Certified for Fitting the i-LIMB Hand

G.R.E. O&P staff is certified for fitting the new i-Limb Pulse hand. The i-LIMB Hand, is a first-to-market prosthetic device with five individually powered digits. This artificial limb looks and acts like a real human hand and represents a generational advance in bionics and patient care.

Otto Bock Dynamic Arm


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